As a partner of the noble initiative “Grain of love” of the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds, Salvis Pharma awarded two environmentalists a two-day family trip to the remarkable area of Madzharovo.

Two fans of the Facebook page of Leaton Bulgaria, who had sent their pictures of bird feeders as part of a game associated with the campaign “Grain of love”, visited the Nature Conservation Center “Eastern Rhodopy”, accompanied by their families and by an experienced guide from BSPB.

Madzharovo is one of the most important sites in Bulgaria for the protection and conservation of birds of prey, in particular the endangered Egyptian vulture. The exhibition hall in the Nature Conservation Center provides visitors with opportunity to learn many facts about the unique biodiversity in the region.

About 7% of the area is protected by law under the national legislation. Patronka Protected Area is declared to protect the colony of griffon vultures. In 1997 the area is declared Important Bird Area by BirdLife International.

The area is exciting for visitors with its impressive scenery of Rhodopy rocks and cliffs, and for the spectacular meanders of Arda River.

The winners visited also the Cromlech near Dolni Glavanak village – a Thracian sanctuary from the early Iron Age.  The place is known as “The Bulgarian Stonehenge” as it is built by vertically upright megalith stone blocks surrounding an area with oval form, and the view from the top is breath-taking.