Salvis Pharma

Salvis Pharma offers high quality services in the marketing of medicinal products, food supplements, medical devices and cosmetic products on the territory of Bulgaria.

We provide

We offer our partners and customers both the full package of services and separate service elements necessary for their business presence in the Bulgarian pharmaceutical market.


Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union distinguished Bronchostop Sine in category “Herbal Medical Product of 2017”.

Our mission is to help Bulgarian consumers use our products with the greatest benefit to their health. How do we do it? By ensuring easy access to the products and managing targeted and effective communication with medical specialists, the pharmaceutical community and end users.

Salvis Pharma has all necessary licenses and authorizations required for the import, storage, trade and distribution of medicinal products, food supplements, medical devices and cosmetic products: • Manufacturing/Importation authorization (import from third countries into the EU) • License to wholesale pharmaceuticals • License to wholesale medical devices • License to use bonded warehouse for pharmaceutical...

PSD23402 Kwizda Pharma’s BRONCHOSTOP SINE, which is exclusively represented by Salvis Pharma in Bulgaria, received the prestigious award of the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union “Herbal Medical Product of 2017”. The prize was awarded at the ceremony of the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Days in Rousse. The team of the company is proud to welcome the successful performance of the [...]