We Create Leaders

6 products represented and managed by Salvis Pharma in Bulgaria during the period 1997-2016 have become leaders and have been ranked first or second in their categories – some of the most competitive categories on the market*

Our experience and successful presence on Bulgarian pharmaceutical market and our commitment to investing in the improvement of the qualifications of our employees through continuous training gave us the opportunity to develop competitive knowledge and abilities at an international level in the area of marketing of the pharmaceutical products.

We offer product portfolio management, including:

  • Strategic planning
  • Operational planning
  • Brand management, including market analysis, market segmentation, communication strategy and sales strategy

We are experienced in using and applying established marketing tools for:

  • Market research, analysis and segmentation
  • Quantitative and qualitative marketing research on attitudes, behavior and brand perception among:
    • Consumers
    • Medical specialists
    • Pharmacists 
  • Measuring the effectiveness of the marketing programs, campaigns and advertising messages

We constantly measure our results and compare them to the agreed targets for brand awareness in the respective groups, sales and market share growth.

* Source: IMS Health (MAT June 2016)